Bubblegum Addict

8:32 PM

I'm not gonna lie here, my room is actually kind of super cool. I'm gonna do a little series of posts about my room, and I'm gonna start with my bubblegum machine!

Displaying afterlight.jpeg

I've had it literally forever, although its home has moved quite a few times. When I was a little kid it resided in my living room, then eventually moved to my mom's office at work until I begged her to let me put it in my room a couple of years ago, so now it lives in my room!

So I don't actually know how to get change out of the machine, I figured out how to take off the red top of the lid so I can just grab free bubblegum willy-nilly. It's a good life. My only wish is that the only bubblegum color in there was pink, because pink bubblegum prevails over all other bubblegum. Duh.

~ Katie

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