DIY: Choker Necklace!

9:56 PM

Figure 1.

Materials//Scissors//Needle-nosed pliers//Silky rope//Jump Rings//Necklace clasps//Assorted charms//Chord end caps

All of these materials can be bought at local craft stores; I bought mine at Michael's!
Figure 2.

STEP ONE: Measure out the length of string you want by wrapping it around your neck and cutting at the desired length. I suggest airing on the shorter side, because you can always add a few extra jump rings at the end if it is too short, but there is not much that can be done if it is too long. 

Figure 4.
Figure 3.

STEP TWO: Take out two chord end caps, one for each end, then place the chord into the opening as shown in figure 2. Then take the pliers and close the clasp over the chord, securing it tightly. 


Figure 5.

STEP THREE: Take out three jump rings, two of which will be used in later steps. Use the pliers to open the jump ring and slide the charm onto it, using the pliers again to close it securely.

Figure 6.

STEP FOUR: Slide the jump ring with the charm onto the open end of the silky string.

Figure 7.

STEP FIVE: Place the open end of the string into the second chord end cap, using the pliers to close it securely, just as in STEP TWO. It should now look as it does in Figure 7.

Figure 8
Figure 9.

 STEP SIX: Open the two remaining jump rings with the pliers and secure them to the chord end cap, as shown in Figure 8. Before closing one of the jump rings, slide on the necklace clasp. For a more adjustable length, attach more than one jump ring.

Figure 10.

This is what the final product looks like! Lately, I've been obsessed with these totally adorable necklaces, and there are so many different charms and chord colors you can use! I hope you find this helpful! ~Sophie 

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