Back to School Beauty Essentials

1:05 PM

Going back to school is just as depressing as it sounds, but theres always some good things that come too. New clothes, new supplies, new friends, and a new year. Here are a few beauty products I like to carry with me at school to get me through the long day, kept in this pouch from American Eagle. :-)

From Left to Right: 

Make Up Forever Smokey Extravagant mascara gives lots of volume and length to your lashes, I keep a mini size in my bag at school just in case i need to touch up my mascara! find it  here :) 

C.O, Bigelow rose salve is my lifesaver! It's the perfect lip balm and gives a nice shine and rosy scent. my favorite part is that it is super moisturizing and when my lips are super chapped i always grab this. 
you can get it right here :)

NYX Butter Gloss in Eclair is a great lip gloss for school because it is long lasting and subtle. It's not sticky and has great colors! find it here

 Daisy by Marc Jacobs is a sweet and floral scent perfect for school. it'f flirty and the rollerball is compact enough to stash in your bag for a mid-day pick me up! Get it here

Sweet Peony Dream is one of many great Bath And Body Works lotion, the smell is great and its great when your legs or arms get dry during the day! unfortunately i'm not sure if this is still available, i couldn't find it! but any lotion you have will work :)

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