6 Hours at the Mall

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Hello! There is a third member to this blog, I promise! I apologize for taking so long to make a post. Over the weekend I went on a back to school shopping spree at my local shopping center, and decided to make a post about my haul. I tried to take the pictures off the actual website, but for those I couldn't find, I took pictures of the clothes I had in my possession.

First I went to Love Culture, as the chain is sadly closing, and got this white color pleated skater skirt :

On me it ends 3/4 of the way down my thigh and I am 5'2", which is longer than most high-waisted skirts, but is definitely preferable as I'm not tugging at my skirt to make sure that my butt is still covered. The material is stretchy and comfortable to wear. The color is definitely a very bright white, as the picture suggests.

The skirt was the only item that I purchased at Love Culture.

The second store I went to on my journey to re-stock my wardrobe was American Eagle Outfitters. I also only got one item there, which was a gray and black shimmer sleeve baseball t-shirt, which I have pictured below:

The shirt is super flowy, which is a plus for me as I'm a tad overweight, so the fabric doesn't cling in places that it isn't wanted. It's very comfortable, and almost feels like a sleep shirt.

As I made my way down the mall I stopped at Charlotte Russe, and got a couple things there. I got this caged-back tribal print skater dress

This dress is super comfortable and a perfect length for someone my height. It flows out from the waist, making any stomach fat undetectable. The back of the dress is very pretty, and the back of a bra is just under the connected black pieces, so there is no issue of a bra showing in the back.

I also got this black and off-white colored cardigan at Charlotte Russe, but could not find a picture on their website, so this is my own photo:

I am quite obviously not a master photographer, but did my best. This cardigan is very soft and the sleeves stop midway down my arms and ends about midway down my thighs.

At the end of the first floor of the mall is a 2-story Forever 21, so I continued my journey. Forever 21 is a fairly large store with a diverse amount of clothing, so there's always something there for everyone. Once I went to a 2-story warehouse sized Forever 21 in Bakersfield, California and didn't even get through the entire first floor it was so huge. I didn't get as many things at the store in my mall as anticipated, but that doesn't mean I wasn't pleased with what I did get.

I got this super cute boho elephant parade top:

This top is so so so comfortable (and also super cute)! Very flowy, but only just covers the stomach. It could be worn in colder weather or a comfortable cool temperature, but not recommended for the middle of summer for sure.

I went to orientation for my senior year of high school a couple of weeks ago and accidentally dropped my "I Hate Mondays" mirror on the floor, breaking it, so I decided to get a new one at Forever 21 while I was there. Unfortunately they didn't have the Mondays mirror, but I got this cute sunglasses mirror: 

I went up the escalator in Forever 21 (since for some reason none of the other escalators in the mall were functioning that day) and headed next door to Cotton On. I love Cotton On for many reasons, but mainly these two: cheap prices and cute day wear. They were having a 3 for $20 sale on leggings, and one can never have too many leggings, so I added 3 more to my growing collection of Cotton On leggings. I got 2 plain colored legging and 1 patterned. The plain leggings are listed as dylan long leggings:

The two colors above are listed as ink and port. Why the burgundy color is called port I will never understand; however, despite the odd names of the colors these leggings are very comfortable and cute. They can be worn alone with a longer shirt, but with a normal length shirt look better with shorts or a skirt over them. The only way I can describe it, is that it feels like wearing shorts with a long shirt so it doesn't look like you're wearing any shorts and you feel weird about the whole outfit.

The last pair of leggings are patterned and listed as mila print leggings:

These have the exact same comfort as the dylan long leggings, but can comfortably be worn without shorts or a skirt over them due to the pattern on them.

I stopped at Torrid next on my rampage and found 2 new shirts for myself throughout the store. First, I purchased a Wonder Woman tank:

Technically, this tank top is classified as sleepwear, but I find it acceptable to wear as a normal tank top also. It's super comfortable (as to be expected with sleepwear) and long enough that wearing it with the above dylan long leggings without a skirt or shorts over them looks perfectly fine.

The second item I bought at Torrid was a burgundy blouse that I could not find on their website and is, once again, a picture I took without any photography skill whatsoever:

It's also fairly long like the Wonder Woman tank top, and very flowy just as all the shirts have been that I've gotten. It's a little unclear in the photo, but there are silver studs along the sleeves that go all the way around.

After Torrid my mother (whom I was shopping with) and I stopped at Auntie Anne's for some pretzels because by this point it had been close to 4 hours of non-stop shopping. After our Auntie Anne's break we headed to the last store, Wet Seal. This is the store where I got the majority of my new clothes, which was entirely unexpected. I thought I would maybe find one thing in the store, maybe nothing, but definitely not 7 things. What a great surprise! All the shirts and shorts that I got were in the plus size section of Wet Seal, which deserves a giant round of applause. While the clothes were mostly in the $30-$35 range, they were all very cute, which is hard to find in plus size clothing.

This shirt I'm actually wearing today (and am very happy with)! It's very loose, but not baggy. Very comfortable. I don't really see a need to wear a bandeau with this shirt, because I feel like it would take away from the pattern that goes down the back, so I opted to just wear a normal bra, and it looked completely fine. This shirt is listed as a crochet back tie-front tank in coral.

This was the first shirt that I tried on at Wet Seal, and it instantly brightened my mood. Normally when I try shirts on I grab around 8 items and if I'm lucky one of them fits, but here almost everything fit me and it made me feel great about shopping and being there. Another issue I deal with when I try on tops with this cut, is that they tend to not fit well because I have a larger chest, and it constricts; however, this shirt doesn't have any issues and fits perfectly well. This shirt is listed as a tribal babydoll tank.

This is more of a sweater-shirt and I probably won't be able to wear it for another month or so due to the heat here in LA, but this is super comfy and the lace on the shoulders help give it a flirty look instead of a boring gray. This shirt is listed as a lace shoulder 3/4 sleeve sweatshirt.

Now I move on to shorts.

I have been looking for a pair of lace shorts FOREVER. I have a hard enough time finding regular shorts that fit me, let alone decorative ones! I was stoked when I saw these in the plus sized section and just knew that they had to be mine, and now they are! These are so comfortable, probably the most comfortable pair of shorts that you'll ever wear. 100% guaranteed. They are listed as crochet lace shorts.

Wet Seal was having a sale on bandeaus for buy one, get one 50% off, and being a person who owns one bandeau in black figured I may as well get a couple for around $15.

These are both very comfortable, although they do squeeze you a little bit, it's not very noticeable. These are both listed as laced bralettes in the colors burgundy and teal.

The last thing that I bought was a pair of shoes, since they were on sale for $10 in store.

These are fairly comfortable to wear, and don't rub holes in the back of your heels. Definitely a good buy for $10. These are listed as crochet & buckle short boots, but are not on sale online.

While I would have gone to a couple other stores in the mall after Wet Seal, it was closing due to it being a Sunday and 7:00; however, that doesn't mean that I'm disappointed with my haul by any means.

NOTE: any of the jewelry pictured is not mine and I do not know what it's called or where it's from.

If you have any questions or comments, go ahead and send one!


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